Why we do it

We used to keep our data on PC's, but now we're mobile and run everything as-a-service. Datacenters are where we compute and store. We need to get it there, keep it there, and get it back when we need it. Since growth is exploding, datacenter operators are in the uncomfortable position of having scale up not only equipment, but power, cooling, and space. Technology moves rapidly, and so must Datacenter Operators. DCTG aims to keep abreast of innovations that simplify your life and showcase creative and resource-saving technology stacks from nimble, inventive firms.

Our Team

Bob Folline - bfolline@datacentertechgroup.com

Bob Folline

Bob Folline is a master of embedded systems and architectural design. Bob has held senior roles at companies such as Object Oriented Design Group, SpaceLabs Medical, and Intermec Corporation.

Emmet Tydings - etydings@datacentertechgroup.com

Emmet Tydings

Emmet founded and led ET Sales and AB&T Telecom which have been serving the Datacenter and Reseller community in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 34 years.

Larry Dluhy - ldluhy@datacentertechgroup.com

Larry Dluhy

As founder of Unisell Marketing Group, Larry has over 20 years of sales experience serving high-tech markets in the New York Tri-state area and beyond. He has numerous relationships with reseller partners and strategic enterprises and proximity to the large datacenters of Bergen County.

Tom Hunt - thunt@datacentertechgroup.com

Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt recently served as President and CEO of WindSpring, an innovator in the Connected Car and IoT marketplace. Tom’s experience includes 6 years as VP Sales, Marketing and Corporate Development at Intellisync Corporation, where he was responsible for revenues in excess of $300M. Prior to Windspring, Tom Served as VP Sales East for GRiD and White House Communications for Reagan'sNational Security Staff.

Tom Mitchell - tmitchell@datacentertechgroup.com

Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell is a networking expert and has served in leadership and customer facing roles at companies such as Brocade, RadioLAN, Apple and Proxim. Tom graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Genetics and an emphasis on Computer Science and Data Structures.