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Data Center Technology Group is a full-service technology provider dedicated to scouting and presenting State-of-the-Art IT solutions to Data Centers and Network Operators. As a trusted partner to our data center customers, we help them find those innovations that that lower IT costs, automate workflows, and reduce environmental and infrastructure risks, all while cutting through the sea of marketing noise.

Customers we serve

Hyperscale Datacenter Networking

Hyperscale Datacenters

While the massive hyperscale datacenters typically have their systems and procurement methodologies well mapped out, there inevitably arises infrastructure or networking challenges that require an ad-hoc fix or a whole new approach. DCTG's disruptive and nimble partners have solutions.

Datacenter Networking at CoLo's and Warehouse DC's

Co-location facilities

Multi-tenant environments have unique challenges that require varied tools and technologies. DTG can help you with innovative OCP components, hard-to-source transceivers, and specialized cabling to keep your operations running smoothly.

Corporate Datacenter Networking


From grocers to space exploration companies, data centers are the lifeblood of modern operations. Can Software Defined Networking improve operations? Can White Box solutions or 100G save cost, space, and power? DTG can introduce you to innovative and cost-effective solutions to real network challenges.

Lines we carry

We focus on innovative technologies for the modern datacenter and offer:

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