Data Center Networking and fabric technology. Netvisor Network OS, Adaptive Cloud Fabric, Open Networking Hardware

Freedom BriteBox Datacenter Switches

The Pluribus Freedom architecture presents a combination of compute, network, storage and bare-metal hypervisor OS technologies, and has been designed to bring network and services much closer to the applications. The Freedom architecture enables:

  • A new class of network-aware, mission-critical enterprise applications and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) services, leveraging compute, network and storage integration
  • An open architecture to drive radical consolidation and simplification of the datacenter infrastructure
  • Complete unification of the DevOps/NetOps management model to drive ultimate network simpification and ease of management
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Freedom 9000 Series Open Networking Switches

Freedom 9532-C

High-Performance server-class switch supporting advanced network and integrated network function virtualization services. The 100G, 40G, 25G or 10G interface flexibility allows a single device to be leveraged for all deployment points in the data center architecture for maximum agility. This flexibility optimizes data center network infrastructure investments through the standardization of fewer, simpler switching platforms that can be deployed everywhere which dramatically simplifies deployment complexity, reduces the cost of sparing and lowers the total cost of operations.

Freedom 9232-Q Switch

The Pluribus Freedom 9232-Q switch is a high-capacity 40/10G switch that enables building high-scale Leaf/ToR and mid-range Spine aggregation architectures. 32 QSFP+ ports support either 1x 40G or 4x 10G (up to 104 ports).

Freedom 9272-X Switch

The Pluribus Freedom 9272-X switch is an optimal Leaf switch that enables building highly flexible Leaf/ToR architectures. 48 SFP+ ports of 1/10G and 6 QSFP+ FlexPorts configurable as 1x 40G or 4x 10G.

Freedom 9372-T Switch

The Pluribus Freedom 9372-T switch is an optimal high-performance Leaf/ToR switch that enables building highly flexible copper-based data center network architectures. 48 RJ-45 copper 1/10GBase-T ports and 6 QSFP+ FlexPorts configurable as 1x 40G 4x 10G.

Freedom Freedom E-Series E28Q-L Server/Switch

The Pluribus Freedom E-series switches provide advanced networking functionality with integrated switching, routing, compute and storage capabilities. The Pluribus E-Series switches are delivered with the Netvisor® operating system software (NVOS) providing a turn-key advanced networking solution and supporting network virtualization, layer 2 and layer 3 switching and routing and support for the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ controllerless distributed network architecture.