BridgeLINK DCI and Backhaul products

While fiber is ubiquitous, it's a physical media. Physical media can break, is not always where it needs to be, and is very expensive to deploy. Datacenter operators are well advised to augment their physical cabled infrastructure with wireless failover links. While not nearly as fast, wireless links allow access in the unfortunate event that the fiber becomes unavailable. Wireless links are also great ways to connect short-term modular datacenters on site with the main facility until fiber can be put into place. They are also a great multipath routing option to augment copper or fiber DCI links, adding that extra performance to your network. By utilizing low-cost high-speed radios in license-free spectrum, you can deliver 100Mbps Ethernet performance for negligible equipment cost and no transmission line installation or maintenance costs. BridgeLINKs provide a smooth, fast extension of the datacenter infrastructure.

  • Up to 8 mile range
  • Symmetric 100 Mbps
  • Very rugged design
  • Simple install
  • License free
  • Frequency agile

The BridgeLINK-OFDM is a high-speed wireless bridge that extends networks to distant locations. Operating in the unlicensed 5GHz bands, BridgeLINK-OFDM can be deployed quickly and inexpensively and provide years of reliable service.

BridgeLINK… extend your network.