Environmental management for the datacenter

Asentria solutions give datacenter operators monitoring, access, and control of physical and environmental elements of the datacenter and remote or edge sites on their global network. Providing sensors and controllers to convert non-IP data to ethernet traffic, Asentria allows you to monitor things like hot/cold aisle airflow, HVAC health, site access control, generator fuel levels, and many other elements, collapsing that data back to an operator dashboard, SNMP manager, or leveraging robust API's to manage EVERYTHING from your DCIM. Ask your DTG rep about Asentria solutions and how they can help you assure uptime.
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Asentria Solutions

SiteBoss™ 550

The S550 is used in datacenters primarily for environmental monitoring. The device supports monitoring over large areas or in specific racks within a room. Typical factors monitored are temperature, humidity, water, smoke, entry, motion, and airflow. The S550 providevendor-agnostic power monitoring from both AC and DC sources. The S550 can use SNMP agents with traditional NMS systems, LUA scripting, or you can make API calls directly from popular DCIMs.
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SiteBoss™ 572

The S572 is optimized for use in remote or edge datacenters. It has the ability to act as a DC power distribution unit and as an intelligent power cycling mechanism for attached devices The S572 can provide failover connectivity to remote sites via its optional on-board wireless modem. Use of the wireless modem and DC reboot function together gives your NetOps the ability to access a DC that is otherwise inaccessible, diagnose the problem by enabling terminal or network access to all remote equipment, and correct a problem remotely via a reboot. The S572 is designed around a powerful Linux processor which enables the use of security protocols such as SSH, SFTP, HTTPS, and RADIUS. The S572 supports an on-board scripting language for use in customized applications such as autonomously sequencing the powering up or down of devices at a DC based on certain events.
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SiteBoss™ 350

The S350s simple set of features work with mobile generators and edge datacenters. The S350 can monitor fuel levels, generator run-times, and other key on-site variables. The S350 features advanced power management for low power usage, high-speed wireless modem connectivity with the ability to send management data through this primary communication channel, and an internal GPS receiver to determine location information. The S350, paired with Asentria's software utility, allows reliable data transfer and the ability to locate units on a map. Like all Asentria products, the S350 is compatible with many SNMP-based software solutions and is designed for use within the operational schemes of sophisticated operator's networks.
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Asentria Sensors

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